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General Chemistry Concepts:Table of Contents

This page begins the attempt of this author to offer some comments dealing with General Chemistry Concepts found in the High School and College Chemistry courses. If you find that the notes offer a clear understanding of the underlying concepts, then this Web complex will have been worth it. Please send me e-mail if you have any suggestions or comments. If you click on an option and it doesn't connect, it is probably because that page is under heavy construction and is unavailable at the time. Try again later!! We now have the Instructor's Lecture Outline Notes available below.

CHM 1412-TCJC Saturday Class Weekly Schedule

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Concepts To Check
Syllabus-CHM 1411-1412-North Lake College Syllabus-CHM 1411-1412-Tarrant County College-NE Campus Basic Math Concepts Composition of Matter
Equations, Formulas, and Stoichiometry Behavior of Gases Thermochemistry And Spontaneity
Atomic Structure Periodic Trends of the Elements Chemical Bonding
Molecular Geometry Liquids and solids Solutions
Rates of Reactions-Kinetics Molecular Equilibrium of Gaseous Systems Ionic Equilibrium:Acids, Bases, and Salts
Electrochemistry Introduction to Organic Chemistry Introduction to Biochemistry
Class Notes on CHM 1411 for Tarrant County CollegeMUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER FOR THESE Class Notes, Lab Schedule, and Mid-Term and Final Lab Exam Review Sheets on CHM 1412 for Tarrant County College Class Notes on CHM 1411 for North Lake College
Class Notes on CHM 1412 for North Lake College Practice Problems by Topic Data Tables To Be Used In Solving Chemistry Problems
See ChemTeamfor further problems in General Chemistry. Environmental Chemistry Return to Home Page

May I suggest the following Web site for a General Chemistry First Semester Review Questions

Review Problem Set (problem sets developed by S.E. Van Bramer for chemistry and environmental science courses at Widener University.)

R. H. Logan, Instructor of Chemistry, Dallas County Community College District, North Lake College.


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CHM 1411 Class Schedule- Fall 2000- Tarrant County College- NE Campus

Sept 9- Intro(40 min)****Chapter 1(150 min)

Sept 16- Chapter 1 (60 min)*** Chapter 2(130 minutes)

Sept 23- Chapter 2 (130 min)

Sept 30-THQ Chapter 1-2(60 min)***Chapter 2 (60 minutes)***Chapter 3(60 min)

Oct 7- Exam 1 Chapter 1-2 (60)*** Chapter 3 (120 min)

Oct 14-Chapter 6(180 min)

Oct 21-THQ for Chapters 3 and 6(60 minutes)***Chapter 7 (110 minutes)

Oct 28- Exam 2 for Chapter 3 and 6(80 minutes)***Chapter 7(100 minutes)

Nov 4- Chapter 8(70 minutes)

Nov 11-***Chapter 9 (100 minutes)***THQ for Chapter 7-8(80 minutes)

Nov 18-Exam 3 Chapter 7-8(80 minutes)***Chapter 9(100 min)

Nov 25- Chapter 10 (180 min))***Sign-up for Make-up exam

Dec 1-Last Day to take Make-up Exam in testing center for those that signed up

Dec 2-Finish Chapter 10(100 min)***Take Home Quiz for Chapter 9-10 due (80 min)

Dec 9- Final exam for Chapter 9-10(120 min)

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