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Science 9 Candle Lab

This lab will test your skill of observation as well as investigate the seemingly simple process of a candle burning.


  1. Obtain a candle, matches, a piece of string, toothpick, a piece of copper wire, aluminum foil square, stirring rod, and tongs.
  2. Record observations for the candle (unlit). List the states of matter present.
  3. Light the candle. Observe and record for 3 minutes. List the states of matter present while the candle is burning.
  4. Which state of matter is actually burning? Devise experiments to test each state. State briefly what you do and record all observations. Answer the question with support from your observations.
  5. Light the piece of string, record observations. Is the wax or the wick burning? What proof do you have to support your answer? Use your observations from this step and the previous step.
  6. Try using a 1/2 toothpick as a wick. Place it in the wax, far away from the regular wick. Light the toothpick. Record observations. What is the role of the wick in the candle? How does it help to keep the candle lit?
  7. Light the candle. Place the straight piece of copper wire over, but not in, the flame. Record observations.
  8. Wrap the wire around the stirring rod to make a tight coil. Remove it from the stirring rod. Use the tongs to hold the coil upright over the tip of the flame. Record observations. Explain the difference in your observations between this step and the previous step.

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