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Chemistry 30 

Chemistry 20

Science 10

Science 9



Drill and Practice

More Labs

Ionic and Covalent Bonding

  1. Colors of Transition Metal Ions
  2. Conductivity of Ionic and Covalent Solutions

Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Theory

  1. Molecular Geometry and Geometric Isomers
  2. Molecular Model Sets and Molecular Models
  3. Tetrahedron From Four Balloons*
  4. Tetrahedron Model - see Molecular Geometry...

States of Matter; Liquids and Solids

  1. Molecular Model Sets and Molecular Models
  2. Critical Temperature


Cotton Lab 

Iodine Clock Lab 

Rates of Rxn/Equilbrium Labs 

Acid/Base Titration Lab 

Atomic Mass Lab

Flame Test Lab

Chemical Formula Lab

Compound Formula Lab

Reaction Types/Reactive Metals Lab

Thermochemical Lab

Empirical Formula Lab

Mole Lab

Gas Law Labs

Science Labs

Candle Lab

Density Lab