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Review: Reaction Types and Stoichiometry

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  1. Balance the following reactions. Identify each type.

  2. a) Fe2O3 + Al --> Al2O3 + Fe
    b) C7H16 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O
    c) BaCl2 + Na2CrO4 --> BaCrO4 + NaCl
    d) HgO --> Hg + O2
    e) C600H1000O500 + H2O --> C12H22O11 (large starch molecule converted to sugar)
    **f) C3H5(NO3)3 --> CO2 + H2O + N2 + O2
  3. Know the symbols in table 7.1,p. 179.
  4. Complete and balance the following chemical reactions. If no reaction, say so.

  5. a) Solid sodium bromide is reacted with liquid phosphoric acid.
    b) A piece of lead is placed in a solution of magnesium nitrate.
    c) Octane (C8H18) is burned in air.
    d) Potassium chloride is decomposed.
    e) A piece of magnesium is placed in a solution of silver nitrate.
    f) Fluorine gas is bubbled into a sodium chloride solution.
    g) Lead (II) nitrate solution is reacted with a solution of iron (III) chloride.
    h) Sodium is reacted with oxygen.
  6. Write the net ionic equation for the following reactions. Remember to balance the reactions.

  7. a) sodium carbonate (aq) reacts with lead (II) nitrate (aq) to form lead carbonate (s) and sodium nitrate (aq).
    b) iron (s) reacts with copper (II) chloride (aq) to form copper (s) and iron (III) chloride (aq).
  8. 4 Al + 3 O2 --> 2 Al2O3

  9. a) How many moles of Al2O3 will be formed from 17 moles of Al?
    b) How many grams of oxygen are needed to burn 42.0 g of Al?
  10. Magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to produce magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas.

  11. a) Write the balanced equation for this reaction.
    b) If you start with 25.0 g of magnesium, how many grams of hydrogen gas will form?
    c) If you start with 140.0 g of HCl, how many moles of magnesium will react?
  12. 4 NH3 + 5 O2 --> 4 NO + 6 H2O

  13. a) If you start with 80.0 g of O2 and 70.0 g of NH3, how many grams of NO will you produce?
    b) How many grams of H2O will you make?
  14. Fe3O4 + 4 CO --> 3 Fe + 4 CO2

  15. a) How many grams of Fe are made if 0.576 moles of CO2 are produced?
    b) 100.0 g CO reacted with excess Fe3O4. If only 141.3 grams of Fe were produced, what was the percent yield?
  16. 6 PbO + O2 --> 2 Pb3O4

  17. a) How many moles of Pb3O4 will be formed from 334.8 g of PbO and 12.00 g of O2?
    b) How many formula units of product will form from 1,700 liters of O2 at STP and excess PbO?
  18. N2 + 3 H2 --> 2 NH3

  19. a) In the above reaction, how many liters of ammonia will be produced from 7.2 liters of hydrogen gas?
    b) How many grams of nitrogen are needed to produce 460 liters of ammonia?
  20. C5H12 + 8 O2 --> 5 CO2 + 6 H2O

  21. pentane
    a) How many grams of carbon dioxide form from 320.0 g of pentane?
    b) How many grams of water are produced if 200.0 g of CO2 are produced?
    c) You start with 150.0 g of pentane and 500.0 g of O2. How many grams of H2O will you make?
    * d) From part c), how many grams of pentane and oxygen will be left over?
  22. * A solution containing 14.0 g of AgNO3 is added to a solution containing 4.83 g of CaCl2 .

  23. a) Find the mass of precipitate produced. (All nitrate compounds are soluble in water.)
    b) How many grams of each reagent is left over?

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