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 Science 9 A new beginning ...

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Last Updated: Wednesday Sept. 6, 2000  

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Course Outline




Unit 1  Introduction 

What is Science

Chaos Labs/Lab Write-up

Math Calculations

Metric Conversion

Lab Safety/WHMIS


Candle Lab

Density Lab



Unit 2       Chemistry

Dimitri Mendeleev

Periodic Table / Families/Periods

Atomic Structure


Atomic Number/Atomic Mass


Molecular Mass

Chemical Reactions/Equations

Characteristic Physical Properties

  Unit 3       Electricity


Current Electricity

Electric Circuits 

Electrical Risks and Safety

Electricity Consumption/Costs


Unit 4      Energy

Petroleum Energy

Nuclear Energy

Hydro Power

Wind Power

Solar Power

Geothermal Power

Biomass Power

Alternative Energy Quiz 

Enviromental Knowledge Quiz



Unit 5      Biology





Food Chain/Food Webs

Environmental Concerns

Biome Quiz

Food Chain Quiz

Ecology 101 Quiz

Global Warming Quiz

  Unit 6 Energy Waves

Sound Waves

Heat Waves

Light Waves I

Light Waves II



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1 Chemtutor provides a mixture of notes and practice questions. 
2 This site will push a few button to help you learn. It has notes for you. 
 3 This site will push a few button to help you learn. It has notes for you. 
 4 WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. 
 5 Periodic Table Take another look at the elements 
6 Periodic Table Look at all the help online.